My Interests

Mostly music ! I like all music (I mean ALL music, yes, even RAP).

My favorite types are Folk, Celtic-Folk, Bluegrass, Blues, Rock, HipHop/Rap, Electronic/Ambient, Ancient, and Classical.

Some of my favorite artists include Jethro Tull, Tom Waits, Cat Stevens, Earl Scruggs, JD Crowe, Nomos, Dougie MacLean, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada, and soooooo many others!

I play guitar and banjo, when I find time.



  1. Hey Rob!
    I am a student from South Carolina. I was just checking out some pages and came across yours. My favorite band is from St. John’s. I am sure you know Great Big Sea. I heard them for the first time when I was in Africa. I had a Scottish roommate who introduced me to them, and I have been a HUGE fan ever since. I am currently trying to get tickets for a cruise they are going on in Feb. Anyway, I enjoyed reading your posts!

  2. Hi there err1126. Wow … a comment on my blog !! 🙂 The first ever, I think … you made my day 🙂

    I certainly do know the band. They’ve really made quite a name for themselves in North America and around the world ! I don’t know the band members personally, though I know lots of people who do – sort of a small ‘town’ here.

    Oh, and I was in line behind the lead singer Alan Doyle a while ago at the Post Office 🙂

    So, did you notice the irony here? I’m a HUGE bluegrass fan, and you’re down there in (or very near) bluegrass country …

    I hope you get the tickets you want … and in any case … enjoy the cruise

    Comments welcome any time 🙂

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